Features of Positive Mental Health

Features of Positive Mental Health

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Understanding Your Mind

Features positive mental health needs

The first step to understanding the human mind is to understand that your thoughts are what determines your everyday experiences. This is the essential premise of all spiritual texts and esoteric schools of thought. It is also reflected in many scientific spheres like physics. People have certain thought patterns that they pick up from society, from their parents, from groups and organizations.

They then project these thought patterns onto their surroundings. And they then mistakenly believe that their own projections and interpretations are the ‘truth’. But the truth is different for everybody, relying on their particular thoughts. This is why there’s such tons of diversity within the planet today.

 Mental Thoughts Become Things

A core component of spiritual growth lies in removing all of the thought patterns that we’ve picked up once we were young. These were just programmed into us. When we learn to get rid of and reinstall different thoughts and beliefs, we start to return to our true autonomy as masters over our minds.

People who don’t understand the facility of their own minds are largely lost as they can’t identify as conscious creators of their own reality. They will consistently find fault with the world and ask why it is so difficult to contend with. Understanding the facility of thoughts is the initiative toward non-public mastery.

Interesting Facts

There are some scientific discoveries and psychological observations that may be of interest in understanding how the mind works.

These include:

1. The mind cannot distinguish between real and imaginary.
2. 95% of your activity is subconscious (try being consciously conscious of every key you type on your computer. Your progress will be vastly reduced.)
3. Your subconscious has stored everything that has ever happened to you, very similar to a big computer.
4. We are bombarded with 2 million bits of knowledge every second. It is the job of the subconscious to filter through all of this.
5. The conscious mind remembers between 5-9 pieces of information. This information is passed to the subconscious for processing to free up conscious space.
6. Most of our energy expenditure goes towards the brain.

These discoveries have important implications. If the bulk of our lives are fulfilled by the subconscious, it follows that we should attempt to manipulate our subconscious as against our conscious abilities. According to Carl Jung – “Until you create the unconscious conscious, it’ll direct your life and you’ll call it fate”.

Programming of the subconscious for conscious growth is the idea of affirmations and self-hypnosis for empowerment. But alongside these strategies, there are other things to think about so as to create a positive mindset for growth and fulfillment.

Developing Positive Mental Strength

Understanding that your thoughts determine your environment. When you are able to command your thoughts you are likely to control your environment. But committing to a daily routine of developing mental and emotional strength is something else entirely different. It takes discipline, character, and patience. The idea that we will just manifest what we would like maybe a little misguided. The fact is that you simply may have spent the last 30 or 40 years anti-manifesting, (I’m grateful for the way my life is at the moment apart from the fact I can’t seem to bring my ex back into my life).

Focusing on worry and stress, eating the incorrect foods, in toxic relationships, with limiting beliefs that you have with you since childhood. These are not removed overnight. It can take years to rid yourself of certain thoughts and concepts, and you’ve got to be constantly vigilant about what you’re thinking and what you’re consuming.

Thankfully, there are some ways to extend your mental and emotional power. And it’s never been easier to start a campaign of self-development than it’s today with all of the resources at your disposal, especially with the web and instant communications. We have all of the tools. We just need some willpower and determination.

Using Basic Tools For Positive Mental Health

Building mental strength is done with an exercise routine. Write out your goals and objectives and see if you can stick with them. This might sound like very basic and fundamental advice. But both diet and exercise provide valuable insights into our behavior which are the two foundational modalities that which mental strength is often built.

If you do not keep track of the basics you’ll run into difficulties afterward. Trying to become a master of the mind while staring at a TV all day and eating ice cream is just not realistic. Diet and exercise are needed to build a robust character and a healthy body and mind.

Being Mindful of Your Diet

Diet is another place to start out developing mental strength. I think we all understand that we’ll function better without caffeine, sugar, ice cream, and other processed products. Yet many of us cannot go one week without those items which clearly disturb our mental well-being. Try and see if you’ll continue a particular diet every week.

And once you don’t stick with it, attempt to examine why this is often the case. You will begin to understand how affected you are by the environment, how just being in a shop or entering a restaurant caused you to act instinctively and buy an item that you knew was unhealthy. In other words, your environment determines your behavior.

Being In A positive Environment

For mental strength, attempt to manipulate the environment first. In this way, you’ll be removing the chance to fail. Manipulating the environment for mental strength will mean that you simply make use of the concept of minimalism in the maximum amount possible. The less information and distractions you’ve got generally, the clearer the mind is going to be. So clean your room and your office, even the files on your PC. This will have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

People who tend to hoard items find fresh psychic energy once they start to abandon many of their old possessions and send them to the garbage heap. Limit the time you spend on television and switch off your phone at night. Eliminating cable is also a good idea. Even things like making your bed in the morning and spending some time out in nature can really help to get the mind in order.

Another way of describing the concept of the universe being a product of the mind is that ‘the outer reflects the inner’. We can easily tell the personality of someone by the state of his or her bedroom. It is often obsessively neat and tidy or it is often very similar to a dump. Ideally, it could be neat and orderly with a few items thrown around here and there.

Understanding the importance of the environment is an important discovery. It means we will change external objects and situations which will positively reflect on our internal state, and the other way around.

Putting It All Together

Mental Health Concept 

Features of positive mental health. putting it together

Once you’ve got an honest environment with an inexpensive diet and regular exercise, you’ll investigate practices that are more directly orientated toward mental development. Remember that everything that you simply do is stretching the mind to one point or another, whether it’s diet, exercise, writing, or walking. But we’d like to use the foremost direct methods, and we also want to avoid patterns that don’t expand the mind.

The following are the simplest practices for you to actually master your own personal psychology. If you would like to proceed rapidly, then undertake one or a variety of those models. How often and at what intensity you would like to try to do these practices is up to you.


Meditation should come as no surprise to anyone because it is the best quiet practice for mental development. It involves sitting quietly (ideally during a lotus position) and observing the movements of the mind. After a period of time, the mind starts to subside. You will become less reactive to outside events and be able to monitor and control your thoughts more efficiently.

The two most popular kinds of meditation are Vipassana and Transcendental Meditation. Both of those have an in-depth body of scientific literature concerning their benefits. There is no excuse for not instigating a daily meditation routine. It is verified by science, practiced by many high-level individuals, and has historic roots in spiritual systems. Twice a day for 20 minutes is the recommended timeframe for optimal results, morning and evening. You can also consider an intense course for every week to actually start.


Yoga may be a practice of body movements involving breath, concentration, balance, flexibility, and physical strength. When the movements are executed in a certain fashion the practitioner comes into a flow state and may complete the entire hour-long routine effortlessly. The coordination of concentration, breathing, and workout is perfect for subduing the mind. It is impossible to exercise the routine while the mind is active because it gets in the way. Yoga is best completed when it becomes a daily habit that doesn’t require conscious thought.


Though this could be described as an extreme method, fasting is one of the simplest ways to master your mind. Food is more important to a human being than anything else. Giving up food for a period of time can have many benefits and takes incredible willpower. Additionally, fasting is the only thing that has been proven to extend longevity in rats, and humans perform best once they are a touch hungry. There are many various sorts of fast, like a water fast, a dry fast, a juice fast, etc. Consider a 3-day juice fast once a month for an emotional and mental detox.


Mindfulness takes many forms and there is a good sort of mindfulness practice. It really involves being aware at regular intervals throughout the day. Mindfulness is often combined with meditation for maximum results. In meditation, we are deeply “non-focused” for 20 minutes approximately twice each day. With mindfulness, we are simply more conscious of things at periods throughout our working day.

For example, we’d leave our desks every 40 minutes and just be mindful of our breathing for one minute to detach us from our tasks. Mindfulness is usually linked with the breath, as this is often a fast route to this moment.


There are many other techniques to increase concentration. You could concentrate on candlelight for five minutes each day. You can also concentrate on the highest point of your nose or on your breath. Most spiritual practitioners recommend not more than 10 minutes of intense concentration on anything. Coincidentally, ten minutes is the maximum amount of time that a person’s being can intensely specialize in anything, consistent with a research project. There is a good sort of concentration technique that you simply can make use of.

Any Practice with Passion or Intensity

If you find something that you simply are really hooked to then you’ll still specialize in this with single-minded intensity. This can include painting, singing, dancing, martial arts, creating a business, or anything that you simply really give 100% of your mental attention towards.

This is because you won’t have the time to energize negative thoughts or emotions as all of your resources are aimed towards one particular activity.

This is one of the most effective ways to control the mind and remove destructive tendencies. But unless you’re really hooked on something, it is often difficult to develop the concentration and willpower to ascertain it. This is why most people hand over their resolutions after the initial phase.

In Conclusion:

These are just the basics of positive mental health. There are methods of self-programming your subconscious mind into a powerful source of fulfillment. Getting rid of the past negative thoughts, and feeling good about yourself is very important. I will be writing other articles on the process of gaining positive mental health.

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