How do I Feel Good About Myself

Methods To Feel Good About Yourself

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Regular Affirmations

One of the most important things is being confident without being arrogant. You have to realize you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. Therefore, be your own best friend.


If you are just starting off with affirmations, it may cause you to feel uncomfortable at first. It is best to practice affirmations in front of a mirror. I promise you if you practice this twice a day, once in the morning, and once before you go to bed it will become a habit.


Fortunately, our minds are incredibly powerful and are capable of incredibly awesome things. Our job is to stand guard at the doors of our thoughts and feed them empowering words. This is where positive
affirmations come into play.

Affirmations are suggestions and thoughts that you give to yourself and can be either positive or negative. As you give yourself these suggestions, you are feeding them into your subconscious mind, which is what ultimately helps to determine your mental attitude.

My body feels good, and I radiate nothing but good feelings.

I am worthy of good health.

I will dedicate 20-30 minutes to exercise.

My mind is with positive thoughts.

I do things that are good for my body.

I’m completely relaxed and filled with peace of mind and serenity.

Happiness is my natural state of being.

I am grateful for all the happy feelings that follow me everywhere I go.

I trust myself because my inner wisdom knows the truth.

I am strong, creative, and happy, and I use my mistakes as stepping stones to grow.

I am worthy of love and happiness.

I am happy because I live my life fully every day.

I aim to be successful, and I am worthy of receiving all the good that life has to offer me.

Each day I dress for success, prosperity, and abundance in body, mind, and spirit.

I have the power to create my life in exactly the way that I desire.

I am destined for success and greatness.

I am enough and will always be enough.

I surround myself with people who greatly contribute to my growth and success.

These are just a fraction of affirmations you can use for health, wealth, and feeling good about yourself.

Affirmations can be used for any purpose. Make your own up. It isn’t easy to change how you see certain areas of your life or to dig into complex and sometimes dark places. As you explore different affirmations to improve various areas in your life with growth and positive change, you can use them to impact them with patience and grace. Positive affirmations are tools that you can use daily to help you relax or energize, focus or forgo, to connect, or release. It all depends on what you need and where you believe you need to go. You have to trust your instincts, stay true to your path, and stay positive.

Staying In Shape

No, you do not have to look like one of those fitness models. You need to be comfortable within the body you occupy.

Some basic physical things you can do to feel good and stay in shape are:


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Walking just for the pleasure of it.

Riding a bicycle

What You Wear Can Be Very Impactful:

Dressed for success. Be comfortable in what you wear and take pride. Humanity has a bad habit of judging you for what you look like. Please know you are not doing this for anyone but yourself. It is not only what you wear it is also how you groom yourself. Your hair. Males with facial hair make sure that beard, mustache, or whatever is looking sharp.

Respecting Yourself:

For me this is huge. It is something you own. Do not accept someone to respect you if you do not respect yourself. It all starts here.

From an evolutionary standpoint, human beings are most likely to be attracted to good-looking human beings.

For instance, a woman would pick a good-looking and confident man to have children with. Good looks are generally a sign of health, which means that the man will live long enough to protect the family, and the children will have strong healthy genes.

We often hear of beautiful men or women getting better treatment in life. I think it’s actually genetically hardwired into us to treat beautiful people well. We help people who are good-looking because we know they are healthy, and will go far in life.

“If you look good, you feel good.”

Taken at face value, we always assume that simply putting on a fun new outfit, or getting a haircut can make us look good, and therefore feel good. This in turn helps us to act more confidently.

Generally speaking, we get along better with those we feel to be our equals. We have more respect for them and are more likely to listen and not just talk. When two individuals feel like equals, they find themselves on a level playing field. They feel more confident and more willing to respect the relationship itself.

It’s difficult to treat someone as your equal when you don’t see that person as such.

Love is blinding — there’s no argument there. Unfortunately, as love continues, and fluctuates, your eyes start to adjust. You begin to see things as less flowery and more black and white. This is when we begin to see our reality as less composed of our opinions and we see our world as more physical — more rational.

We see our partner from a distance and begin to notice things we never noticed before. Anyone who has been in a serious enough relationship has experienced this phenomenon. Waking up from this dream can be a bit of a shock.

Thankfully, as long as you still consider your lover to be equal, you’re much less likely to be disappointed with what you see in the morning. If you don’t see your partner as your equal, you won’t treat him or her as such — if you can’t treat your partner as an equal, then what are the chances this person will want to stick around?

Relationships exist in every part of your life. Imagine going for a prestigious job interview and not looking the part. What are your chances of getting that job?

Imagine going on a date, and not looking your best.

How you look is definitely related to how you feel. Look your best at all times and you will feel your best at all times.

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  1. you have got a lot of good and lovely content kudos to you for you are a genuine  content they are good

    i appreciate you because you just made me know to feel good about myself I’m glad for that

    once more i love everything in your content they helpful to me privately may god bless you as you will accept my coment i know they are not worthy but please accept it it is all i have.

    • Hi loveremma,

      Thank you for your comments. They are totally worthy and appreciated. You are your best friend for your life, treat yourself as such. I am glad that my article will play a part in your life, that will make you feel good about yourself. God bless you and give you the confidence to feel good about yourself.

      All the best,


  2. Helooo there, thanks to you for sharing this educating and amazing article on how do I feel good about my self. This is really very educational. Feeling good about one self goes a long way in affecting our Health and general well being. Anyways I really find these your tips interesting and helpful. Thanks once again for sharing this with me. 

    • Hi Oscar,

      Helooo there. Thank you for your comments. I strongly believe in the fact, it is not what you look like as I feel everyone is beautiful. A lot has to do with how you feel about yourself. Proper clothing, grooming sure helps me feel better about myself.

      All the best,


  3. Hello there there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. Often times people are disturbed because they have no idea on how to get themselves to feel good about themselves. I enjoyed going through this article here on your website. Positive Affirmation is one great way for every one to feel good about themselves.  Thanks for making a lot of them available in this article.

    • Hi Steviejohn,

      Thank you for your comments. I certainly do believe in affirmations so much so that I wrote a whole post about them. Practicing these to help with health, wealth, and just feeling good about yourself: https://empoweryourlifestyles….

      All the best,



  4. Hey Michael, these are excellent ways to feel good about myself. One of my favorite of these ways is affirmations. I keep speaking positivity into my life and my life has never been the same but keeps becoming better. Do you know about afformations?

    Being in shape is one of the best ways to feel good about one’s self. Daily and continuous exercises help keep us in shape which helps strengthen our system, boost our immunity, add more glow to our skin etc. There are so many benefits of exercising especially when it is done in the mornings.

    • Hi Tush,

      Thank you for your comments. I did write a post about affirmations for health, success, wealth. and just feeling good about yourself. Yes, I believe in them: https://empoweryourlifestyles….

      Being in good physical shape definitely helps how good you feel about yourself. Personally I think you are a handsome person and should have your profile facing the camera.

      All the best,


  5. Thanks alot for this very wonderful article …i find it really encouraging, many people tend to feel bad about themselves because of probably their body shape,health conditions, and so on ….but with and article like this which help to build self confidence, so many persons would be love who they are feel good about it .Thanks alit for sharing.

    • Hi Aboribo,

      Thank you for your comments. We are our best friends for life. We have to respect ourselves. It is amazing how proper grooming and, proper attire can change how you feel about yourself.

      All the best,



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