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As we grow older the amount of testosterone levels decreases. Some of us have a problem getting and or maintaining an erection. This is just a natural thing that happens and there is no reason to be embarrassed about it. Through this article, we will cover ways of going back to the times when our younger years we had no problems with low ejaculation volumes and getting and maintaining an erection.

What happens to ejaculations as we age?

Ejaculation and orgasm often subside in intensity, with diminished force, trajectory, and volume. What was once an intense climax with a considerable volume of semen that would be forcefully ejaculated gives thanks to a lackluster experience with a little volume of semen weakly dribbled out of the penis. We could also be 40 or 50 years old, but we still want to point and shoot as we did once we were 20.

As the word origin indicates, we would like to be ready to shoot out, hurl, or cast like an Olympian and we want that intensely pleasurable feeling of yesteryear.

Causes of Low Ejaculate Volume

1. Testosterone Level

Testosterone is the male hormone that impacts everything about the human body. Testosterone controls stuff like hair growth and muscle density. It is also responsible for our energy levels and metabolism. Basically, testosterone defines our manliness, and being short in testosterone is the last item you would like as a person. When it involves being a beast within the bedroom, testosterone determines not just how good you are and how long you last, but also the frequency of being in the mood aka libido or sex drive. Increased drive results in a rise in how often you and your partner get together for those intimate times.

2. Semen Volume Determines Fertility

The amount of sperm you’ve got in your body determines your ability to form a baby together with your lover. You can say this is often a primal instinct as showing evidence of fertility within the wild is taken into account as a superior feature for the aim of furthering the species. Needless to mention, ancient women likely chose to supply offspring from males of superior fertility, and people who couldn’t catch up were left mateless, killing their line instantly.

A low sperm count raises the chances against you albeit your wife is as healthy as she will get. Moving forward, knowing the way to increase ejaculate volume and strength not only guarantees a moment ego boost but also represents your reproductive health.

Ejaculation Production & Composition

The first step in learning the way to ejaculate more is to know what it is and the way it’s made. First, let’s clear a standard misconception: Semen and Sperm aren’t equivalent things. If you mistook them because the same thing, don’t feel bad since the porn industry, also as mainstream media, gets this involved all the time. Semen is the fluid that’s ejaculated once you orgasm. It’s the medium that carries the sperm, and its sole purpose is to make sure the sperm are ready to swim as smoothly as possible. A good amount of semen increases the speed of fertility since it makes traveling to the ovum that much easier.

Sperm is the actual sperm or “swimmers” that fertilize an egg and result in pregnancy. While the numbers say there are millions of sperm cells per ejaculate, they only really make up less than 5% of total semen volume. Hence, once you are looking to extend ejaculate volume you would like to extend your semen volume, and once you want to be more fertile you would like to extend your sperm quantity and/or quality.

Common Factors That Affect Ejaculation Volume

Knowing the way to increase ejaculate volume is great, but what’s also important is knowing what exactly affects ejaculation volume.

Water intake. This is the most obvious factor. Semen is largely made up of water molecules. If anything, the water needed to produce semen is formed from “spare” water because the bulk of the water you drink goes through the more important organs and tissues first. If you don’t have enough water, otherwise you barely drink anything throughout the day, don’t be surprised if you discover yourself barely shooting anything out.

Diet and nutrition. More than producing the substance, our diet plays a serious role when it involves getting and maintaining a robust erection. Foods high in zinc, vitamin D, and healthy fats may boost testosterone levels which can, in turn, help the body to supply more semen.

Age. Albeit you are doing everything in a way to increase ejaculate volume, Father Time is an unstoppable force bent causing you to feel less manly almost per annum after forty. It’s not entirely getting old that makes many men’s lives miserable. There are many factors that will speed up the aging process that decreases testosterone which ends up in a drastically lowered ejaculate volume. Not just ejaculate volume, even being aroused and having an erection may become a drag as you get past forty.

Genetics. This is often the first determining factor when it involves ejaculating volume. There are people who are naturally capable of shooting 1 / 4 of a cup with ease, and there are those who might barely fill a teaspoon.

Arousal level. There’s this thing when it involves how horny you’re which will determine what proportion of semen you’ll release. The brain plays an enormous role in what proportion you’re capable of shooting out at the time. The more aroused you are, the larger the quantity. The level of pleasure of being with someone new, the joys of doing it in places you shouldn’t, or maybe the small playful things she does to you’ll make your body go 100% maximum semen release.

When you get aroused such a lot, the body adjusts accordingly because its primal instinct is to assume the thrill is drawn from a mate that you simply see as worth this much emotional sensation. One of the simplest ways to extend arousal is to try to do tons of foreplay, teasing, and almost but almost penetrations and touching.

The time between orgasms. The length of time you go without ejaculation, the more intense your ejaculation volume becomes. Try to go without masturbating or sex for every week or two and you’d likely notice an enormous difference when it involves arousal and pleasure of release. For special occasions, two days without masturbating are typically enough. If not, at least probably four days.

Sleeping habits. You may consider sleep because the last item that might affect ejaculate volume, but it plays a much bigger role in optimal testosterone production than you think. You see, the body recovers when we sleep. It regenerates the number of cells and substances used throughout the day, and our testosterone is not an exception. One indication of excellent sleep is if you awaken with an erection. If you don’t get enough sleep, the likelihood is that you won’t awaken with a penis that can become erect quickly.

Overall health (non­smoker, drinker). This part has more to try to do with lifestyle choices.

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol may have a negative effect on our liver which successively could increase estrogen production. When your estrogen levels get higher it lowers your testosterone levels and results in lower sperm count and semen volume. If you are a smoker there is a likelihood that your semen volume will decrease. Not only that, but it also negatively affects sperm motility, morphology, and even white blood corpuscle count which can cause male infertility.

How to Increase Ejaculate Volume

1. Lifestyle Changes

Drink many fluids – As we mentioned earlier, much of our body relies on fluids (mostly water) and our ejaculate is not any different. If you’re often shooting dry, then you’ll simply be dehydrated. Drinking more water or healthy juices may cause not just a change in volume but in taste too. For the foremost part, getting properly hydrated already may allow you to have more ejaculate volume in no time in the least. So make it a habit of drinking a pitcher or two of water if you’re having someone over for a few bedtime fun later in the day.

Don’t wear tight underwear – This one could seem weird, but because it seems wearing tight underwear is basically bad for our small swimmers. Wearing tight underwear not only makes it uncomfortable for our little men down there but could also cause a decrease in ejaculate volume. Wearing tight underwear increases scrotal temperature and this affects sperm.

The body is capable of manufacturing sperm at a tremendous rate of 1500 every second. This means you produce a minimum of 130 million each day and that’s tons, but whenever you achieve orgasm, you lose tons and it takes time for sperm to regenerate.

Exercise. Make sure you exercise for at least a half-hour a day.

2. Supplements

Tongkat Ali may be a therapeutic herb native to Malaysia. One of the benefits of using this supplement is that it helps promote healthy libido and supports the traditional hormone levels in men. This plant is additionally used by old men to treat age ­related sexual disorders and to supply them with an additional boost of energy in their day.

Maca may be a herb cultivated within the Andes Mountains in Peru. Like Tongkat Ali, maca is now generally used as an aphrodisiac, but this herb is often employed by both sexes.

Horny Goat Weed may be a great herb that goes well with maca. Blood flow to the penis is increased and should lead to stronger, and longer-lasting erections. The fact that Horny Goat Weed may be a common treatment for erectile dysfunction means it’s not exactly a novel ingredient, to begin with.

Zinc is one of the foremost studied minerals of all time. It is also used to increase sexual desire.

Yohimbine increases the quantity of blood that’s allowed to flow into the penis and prevents blood from flowing out of the penis. It can cause an erection. Yohimbine is employed to treat and diagnose some sorts of impotence.

According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, the typical semen volume per ejaculate ranges from 1.25 to five milliliters (ml). This amount is the equivalent of one quarter to 1 teaspoon of semen.

I am not a believer in prescription medications. Please check with your doctor if the herbal remedies and lifestyle changes don’t work.

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  1. This was a very interesting article to read as I’m sure many women don’t really know the inside information of how men’s fertility and ejaculation work. I was surprised that diet and sleep seem to play such a large role but I guess that is the same for women so why not. I’ve noticed that many young men have a terrible diet and drink and smoke so I’m not sure that they should be making babies. So many children are born with health issues these days and maybe the diet of men and women is to blame.

    It sounds like it is possible to reverse ejaculate volume if some thought is put into it. Great article.

    • Hi Lily,

      Thank you for your comments. It is amazing how diet, sleep, exercise, proper hydration, and even sunshine can play such a huge role in absolutely all health issues. I think we should all be aware that smoking and excessive drinking is not healthy if one is planning on becoming a parent. The first sign of irresponsibility and lack of care. Yes, this could result in developmental problems in babies.

      Yes, it is possible to reverse ejaculation volume and increase sperm fertility through healthy lifestyle changes.

      All the best,



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