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Depression and Anxiety

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Feelings I keep Inside me. Afraid to let them Show.

Depression affects an estimated one in 15 adults (6.7%) in any given year. And one in six people (16.6%) will experience depression at some time in their life. Depression can strike at any time, but on average, it first appears during the late teens to mid-20s. Women are more likely than men to experience depression. Some studies show that one-third of women will experience a major depressive episode in their lifetime.

Depression is a medical condition characterized by long-lasting feelings of intense sadness and hopelessness associated with additional mental and physical changes. Depression can affect someone’s personal, social, and professional life.



Differences in certain chemicals in the brain may contribute to symptoms of depression.


Depression can run in families. For example, if one identical twin has depression, the other has a 70 percent chance of having the illness sometime in life.


Feeling Alone

Feeling Depressed

People with low self-esteem, who are easily overwhelmed by stress, or who are generally pessimistic appear to be more likely to experience depression.

        Environmental factors:

Continuous exposure to violence, neglect, abuse, or poverty may make some people more vulnerable to depression.

Depression Causes

Depression and me:

We live in such a fast-paced life where it is easy to succumb to anxiety, and stress, which somewhere along the line leads to depression. But why me? Most of the people I hang around with seem so happy, their laughter and behavior seems to be the norm. I wonder how many of them are wearing a mask as I do in public and social situations.

The Mask:

No not me, how can I justify these feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress? I live a good life, with whatever toys I want. A couple of nice cars in the driveway, a nice home but, I live alone. OK, that has got to be it, poor me I am all alone. Strange though, that these three demons don’t bother me that much when I am alone.


I have this nasty habit of comparing myself to others. What a lovely couple and such delightful children. Wow, they are laughing, and smiling, and seem to be having a wonderful time. I just wish I could be, and feel like them. The feeling of being all alone gets me down, and that nasty depression takes over me. That mask I wear is not working, I have no one with me to pretend that I am doing great. Similar to a dog that puts his or her tail between its legs, and runs away from perhaps a feeling of fear. I find myself doing the same, I am out of here feeling angry at myself for feeling the way I am.

The Psychiatrist:

The doctor is going to help me with these feelings of desperation. Well, we chat for a while, and, yes he has the cure that is going to make me feel normal in any and all situations. It’s prescription time and he does not seem to have a problem with filling the paper up for me, to take to the pharmacist. One bottle of pills that are for thirty days for anxiety, another bottle for depression, and one for me to feel relaxed. Fantastic I am going to be OK, and enjoy life as most people do.


I get home and immediately open the paper bag full of pills. Gosh, there is a lot of literature that comes with these medications. Hang on, there are warnings about these medications I am about to take. Nah, just legal stuff to protect against any misuse. I want to feel good, it will take me too much time to read all of this stuff.

Morning, afternoon, and at bedtime. Well, it is early evening, so I pop the pills down. Nothing is happening, time for bed, pop three more, and go to sleep. Wake up later than usual feeling nauseous. Pop three more pills, call into work tell the guys I will not be able to come in. Something is very wrong. Better get those papers out of the garbage that the pharmacy provided.

Not All Medication Fits All:

The side effects of taking these medications far exceeded the so-called benefits. I called the psychiatrist and explained how I was feeling, to which he said my body had to get used to the medication and I would feel the benefits after three or four days. OK, Doctor. Eventually, I took an Exacto blade to my wrists and ended up in the hospital, the mental ward. The medications were changed under the watchful eye of the nurses. I spent fourteen days before being released.


I still get depressed, have panic attacks, and feel stressed. I tried stopping the medications and ended up having a seizure. Back to the hospital for a week. Now, I have got anti-seizure medication, but for some reason, I am unable to keep up my regimen of medications.

Please be very aware that whatever medications you get, make sure you read about the side effects. Most psychiatrists do not know if the medication they prescribe for you will work for you. They perform these experiments until they get it close or you end up dead. Sorry, but that is how I feel. Thank you for reading my story.

Natural Help For Depression:

Turkey:                                                                                          Stats

Although most lean proteins are good for fighting off depression, turkey has the edge because it has higher levels of tryptophan, a chemical that stimulates the feel-good chemical serotonin.

Low Fat Dairy:

Yogurt, skim milk, low-fat cheese, and other dairy products are rich in vitamin D, calcium, and protein, all of which can induce relaxation and a sense of well-being.


Most nuts are an excellent source of protein as well as heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Walnuts, however, have the upper hand as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which support brain health

Fatty fish:

Fatty fish like bluefish, mackerel, tuna, and wild salmon are the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids found in these fish also have specific brain-boosting properties that help fight depression. Aside from that, these fatty acids also promote heart health as well as improve blood circulation.

Whole Grains:

When it comes to foods that fight depression, you can never go wrong with fiber-rich whole grains. The complex carbohydrates found in whole grains are also known to improve mood quickly. Whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and whole wheat pasta are all great choices as these foods help promote the release of serotonin.

Green Tea:

The antioxidant-rich green tea is known to fight off depression. This is because of theanine, the amino acid that features anti-stress properties and is usually found in tea leaves.


This strong spice usually used in spicy Indian and Thai dishes is a great way to improve your mood. Considered one of the “spices of life” due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric contains the active compounds curcuminoids and turmerones, which have been linked to a wide range of health benefits.

Dark Chocolate:

Studies have shown that dark chocolate relaxes the blood vessels of the cardiovascular system as well as promotes the release of serotonin. Take note though that dark chocolate is especially calorie-rich, with about 150 calories per ounce, so it is advisable to eat one piece at a time.


One great and delicious way of reducing depression symptoms is by consuming active cultured yogurt packed with probiotics. The incredible connection between the brain and the gut suggests that beneficial microbes in your diet can help produce and transport serotonin and other neurotransmitters. You can use yogurt as a base in nutrient-packed smoothies and homemade salad dressing.


Unfortunately, there is too much soda and other artificially sweetened beverages that are being consumed these days. Countless studies have shown that sugar-loaded diets are linked to increased depression rates. Instead of soda, grab a tall glass of water. You can also enhance the flavor with citrus, berries cucumbers, or mint. Rehydrating your body is one sure way to increase your well-being.

Vitamins That Combat Depression:

Vitamin D:

It helps in calcium absorption, thereby promoting healthy teeth and strong bones. It can be easily obtained from the sunlight. Vitamin D is also said to fight anxiety and depression. Research has already proved that people with vitamin D deficiency are more prone to depression than people with a higher level of Vitamin D. It can be easily obtained from dairy products, salmon fish, tuna, and leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C:

It is one of the important vitamins for the healthy functioning of the body. Depression will lead to sleep deprivation, energy constraints, and unhappiness. In this mental state of mind, it is always advisable to remain calm and not take any action. This Vitamin helps us to strengthen the immune system, and prevent strokes, prenatal diseases, and skin aging. There are possibilities of vitamin C getting depleted from our body due to the intake of aspirin, birth control pills, and so on. This gap must be filled immediately to avoid any mental agony.

Vitamin B 12: 

It helps in the formation of red blood cells and plays a major role in our body. An insufficient amount of vitamin D can lead to anemia along with other neurological disorders. Though it takes a longer time to contract these diseases, however, one should eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B 6:

Amino acids are needed to manufacture serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin which are the reasons behind various mood fluctuations in our body. Vitamin B6 helps in the processing of amino acids which plays a vital role in building proteins. A deficiency in Vitamin B6 can lead to mental agony, frustration, and mental blockages.

The B-complex Vitamins:

Deals with mental and emotional stability. Our body is incapable of storing these vitamins, hence by default, we are deficient in B-complex vitamins. There are high chance of it getting depleted due to alcohol or caffeine consumption. It can be in the form of Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, and B12. Vitamin B1 is used by the brain to convert glucose or blood sugar into energy, without which the brain cannot function properly. Lack of Vitamin B3 can lead to anxiety, agitation, and mental agony. Vitamin B5 also helps in dealing with fatigue and depression.



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14 thoughts on “Depression Why Am I Depressed”

  1. Great topic. I think depression is something that a lot of us deal with and it’s important to talk about. We shouldn’t stigmatize mental health issues and I really appreciate that you’re helping to normalize the subject. I’d heard in the past that turmeric was good for inflammation, but  I had no idea that it was a mood enhancer. Well, now I do and I’m absolutely going to try that out. 

    Thanks for the info! I’m sure a significant number of people can agree with what you have to say here.

    • Hi Buck, thank you for the feedback, much appreciated. You are absolutely right it is important to talk about your feelings. Keeping everything bottled up does not help. Depression was a topic most people thought was just someone having a bad day and dismissing it. Asides from turmeric, bananas, apples, blueberries and much more from natural sources do help. Sunshine, exercise and are all factors that alleviate depression. All the best, Michael 

  2. Depression is really something that needs not to be taken with levity. The rate at which depression in the lives of human is increasing is alarming.Thanks for sharing this information, I can see the statistics of the rate of depression through this information. There are lot of things that causes depression and we should be concerned with providing solution. I will keep following your site to get more updates on this.

    • Hi Lok, thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated. Understanding the reality that depression is an illness and it is on the rise. I am glad to see more and more people are not dismissing it as just a feeling and treating the symptoms. All the best, Michael

  3. Hi there. thank you for sharing this educating post. I totally agree with you that 1 in 15 children is bound to suffer from depression because I can see the evidence in my society. But what really surprises me in this post is that I never knew depression can be genetic. I have to agree with the fact that, most times, our lifestyles is what exposed and made us succumb to anxiety that leads to depression. I have never come across this natural of fighting depression. This is really amazing. Thank you for this educating post 

    • Hi Kehinde, I thank you for your feedback. Depression is like a type of flu except, there is no cure only ways of controlling it. You are so right the type of lifestyle we are exposed does lead to depression. A change to a positive lifestyle, nutrition, exercise even sunshine will all help. It just that depression is now classified as an illness. All the best. Michael 

  4. Thanks Michael for this revealing post!Seeing quite a number of discoveries here today. The number is staggering.Thanks for the dietary recommendations you made.But aside that, I feel two other things are vitally important, and they are right associations and a healthy focused mind.I’m of that opinion, probably because I write on visionary living and because of my experiences with people.I believe that helpful associations where love is truly shared, right diet and a focused healthy mind should do the trick. Thanks for the work you are doing on your site, we need more helpful information such as this.

    • Hi Festus, I certainly appreciate your feed back. Love does conquer all. It is just the medical evidence showing it to be a real life disease. Without love and being in a bad environment I am sure makes things worse. All the best to you. Michael

  5. Wow! Thank you for this insightful article Michael. I read through everything and I really appreciate the natural food suggestions to help combat depression. This is a real medical condition that sadly is not taken seriously within my culture, we don’t sensitize or even acknowledge depression as we should. I’m just glad I came across your article.

    • Hi Shannon, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your time and feedback, much appreciated. You are so right about depression being a medical condition and there people who just dismiss it like just a temporary feeling. One of the gentleman who offered me feed back had this to say and it was kind of disappointing.

      “Depression is a state or period  of unhappiness or low morale that last for several weeks which may result in to thought of inflicting self injury or end up in suicide”.

      I haven’t responded to him yet. It is unfortunate when people do not realize that this a serious medical with a raising amount of suicide’s.

      All the best to you Shannon,


  6. Hi Michael, thanks for the article great read especially when it came to the food. I knew about the dark chocolate and fatty fish. I love wild salmon and usually eat it with brown rice and some veggies, I didn’t know the brown rice can assist with releasing serotonin. As far as the medications go always take as prescribed and even if feeling a little off let your physician or psychiatrist know immediately the effects as you know can be very dangerous for some people. Depression is not fun and for some hard to get to out of. It can strike at any time, just please be mindful that there are things such as the foods and vitamins listed above that can assist instead of manufactured drugs that can be harmful. Again great read thanks.

  7. Hi Michael, Empower Your Lifestyles website is well written and I enjoyed every piece of content. Your site provides loads of information in relation to health, well being, exercise, meditation, as well as spices and herbs. You even added information on how and where to start a lucrative business. Great information! What more can one ask for. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Virginia, thank you so much for your encouraging feed back.

      What you have said made me feel happy. I love to provide any sort of knowledge that may help someone find alternatives to a better life.

      All the best Virginia,



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