The Corona Conspiracy Theory

What is the definition of A Theory?

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A theory is a group of linked ideas intended to explain something. A theory provides a framework for explaining observations. The explanations are based on assumptions. From the assumptions follows a number of possible hypotheses. They can be tested to provide support for, or challenge, the theory.

The word ‘theory’ has several meanings:

  1. a guess or speculation
  2. a law about things that cannot be seen directly, such as electrons or evolution
  3. a whole system of laws and hypotheses that explain many things.
  4. a field of study

These meanings can “shade into each other”. Another source offers:

  1. hypothesis, but not verified
  2. systematically organized knowledge
  3. explanation

A theory in science (in contrast to a theory in layman’s terms) is “a logical, systematic set of principles or explanation that has been verified—has stood up against attempts to prove it false”. For example, Darwin‘s theory of Evolution is a system of ideas that points to humans and apes having evolved from a common ancestor. This conclusion is based on evidence that supports it.

Personal Note:

It is important for you to know, I am not a scientist or a doctor. I like to do a lot of research. What is mentioned here are theories. There is nothing that has been proven. Speculation, theory, or fact. There are some things in life we will never know, what we do is take into consideration topics surrounding a certain subject, analyze it, and make up a decision on our interpretations.

Let us do some research into corona:

What is the definition of corona?

Corona (from the Latin for ‘crown’) most commonly refers to:

Astronomy and space:


  • Corona, the last phase of a drop’s impact on a liquid surface
  • The matter in the external part of the solar atmosphere is in the state of plasma, at a very high temperature (a few million kelvins) and at a very low density (of the order of 10 particles/m ). According to the definition of plasma, it is a quasi-neutral ensemble of particles that exhibits collective behavior.

The coronavirus, COVID-19 is on most people’s minds.

When did the coronavirus start and what is it?

Coronaviruses are a group of related viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections that can range from mild to lethal. Mild illnesses include some cases of the common cold (which has other possible causes, predominantly rhinoviruses), while more lethal varieties can cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. Symptoms in other species vary: in chickens, they cause an upper respiratory tract disease, while in cows and pigs, they cause diarrhea. There are yet to be vaccines or antiviral drugs to prevent or treat human coronavirus infections.

Coronaviruses constitute the subfamily Orthocoronavirinae, in the family Coronaviridae, order Nidovirales, and realm Riboviria. They have enveloped viruses with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome and a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. The genome size of coronaviruses ranges from approximately 26 to 32 kilo-bases, one of the largest among RNA viruses. They have characteristic club-shaped spikes that project from their surface, which in electron micrographs create an image reminiscent of the solar corona from which their name derives.


Coronaviruses were first discovered in the 1930s when an acute respiratory infection of domesticated chickens was shown to be caused by the infectious bronchitis virus (IBV). In the 1940s, two more animal coronaviruses, mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) and transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV), were isolated.

Human coronaviruses were discovered in the 1960s. The earliest ones studied were from human patients with the common cold, which was later named human coronavirus 229E and human coronavirus OC43. Other human coronaviruses have since been identified, including SARS-CoV in 2003, HCoV NL63 in 2004, HKU1 in 2005, MERS-CoV in 2012, and SARS-CoV-2 in 2019. Most of these have involved serious respiratory tract infections.

Discovered in animals in the 1930s. Human coronaviruses were discovered in the 1960s

Timeline: How the new coronavirus spread

This was a book released in 2018. It is classified as fictional, but it is so close to what happened.  The image on the right is an excerpt from the book

The Eyes of Darkness


Excerpt from book

The virus has killed more than 90,000 people and infected at least 1.5 million worldwide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a pandemic over a new coronavirus that causes an illness known as COVID-19 that has spread to nearly every country.

The disease has killed more than 90,000 people and infected more than 1.5 million, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

China is rewriting coronavirus history and nobody will stop it. Link.

Wuhan China death

“Were it not for the unique institutional advantages of the Chinese system, the world might be battling a devastating pandemic.” So boasted a supposedly prophetic editorial in the state-owned China Daily newspaper on February 20, when most COVID-19 cases were contained within China. It does not look so prophetic now: there are more cases outside of China than inside it and the World Health Organization has declared a global pandemic. At least the daily new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in China have dropped from the thousands to zero on some days last week.

As the crisis of COVID-19 has shifted from being a China problem to a global one, Chinese authorities have switched gears. From the early days of a defensive cover-up and censorship, they have surged into an all-out propaganda offensive.

The message lauds the strength and resolve of China’s party-state and deflects scrutiny of the systemic failures and cruel incompetence of the Chinese Communist Party’s initial response to COVID-19. The rest of the world, struggling with the outbreak, is allowing this message to go unchallenged.

At the outset, Beijing was focused on the domestic audience: the party state’s vocal defense of its efforts to contain the virus was aimed at countering popular scrutiny at home. The narrative simultaneously blamed the local governments in Hubei province for its governance failures while touting the central government’s efforts to salvage the crisis.

The propaganda machine in China is known for its ability to rewrite history within the country, through a combination of censorship and repression, and the ensuing days and weeks have seen this success replicated overseas.

Now China’s message for the world is threefold: it has bought the world time to prepare for the pandemic; the virus may not, in fact, have originated in China, and China will help people who have been failed by their governments.

On some level, Chinese doctors and other front-line heroes did buy the world time — time that has been squandered in many countries. But the world might not have found itself in this position if not for the initial cover-up of the outbreak. That most countries are deep in the crisis as China emerges from it makes this view resonate all the more.

The rise of the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 did not emerge from Wuhan has been amplified through official messaging. A Foreign Ministry spokesperson from China tweeted on March 12: “When did patient zero begin in the United States? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be the United States army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan.”

If you type “was the new coronavirus” into China’s largest search engine, Baidu, the first suggestion is now “made by the Americans?” The number of China’s ambassadors has since doubled down on the theory.

This propaganda push may be retaliation for some prominent Americans giving airtime to the conspiracy theory that the novel coronavirus was weaponized by Chinese scientists. But any additional uncertainty or confusion also helps to deflect blame for the crisis away from China’s party-state.

Finally, China is seizing on the absence of clear and credible information from authorities that people can trust. This is only helped by the many failures of foreign governments to properly prepare for the onslaught of the virus and the genuine contribution that China is now well-placed to make.

COVID-19 Prevention Isolation. Link

The Toronto Sun. Ontario. Canada

The most dangerous place in the world right now is the Internet where all the conspiracy theories are spreading as fast as the coronavirus itself. It’s assisted, of course, by so many being in self-isolation.


Some other news about COVID-19

Corona info-graphic

Things are likely just getting started with coronavirus and while there is reason to expect many more people will be infected and die from the virus, compared to previous pandemics, it looks slightly less frightening. More than 5,000 people have died as of the time this article was published—a terrible toll, to be sure. But it pales in comparison to the 1957 H2N2 flu, which killed 1.1 million people (0.04 percent of the global population at the time), or the 1918 Spanish flu (responsible for the death of 50 million people), or the black death, which killed 75 million people (almost 17 percent of the global population at the time).

COVID-19 is incredibly contagious. But it’s not as contagious as airborne viruses, such as tuberculosis or measles. “It is an infectious disease, which is most likely spread via droplet transmission. This means that it requires large droplets containing particles of the virus to infect a new host,” explains Taylor Graber, MD, a resident anesthesiologist at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine.

Because coronavirus is transmitted via droplets, personal protective equipment, such as face masks, are not particularly effective at preventing transmission.

“Since the virus is transmitted as droplets, it is currently not recommended to need to use standard face masks or surgical face masks, or N95 masks, as good hand hygiene and washing is sufficient,” says Graber.

While hand-washing is a vital way to reduce one’s risk of contracting COVID-19, those aforementioned droplets can also travel from the outside world into your home on the bottom of your shoes. In order to keep your home coronavirus-free, you should remove your shoes when you come inside.

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that children 10 and under account for just 1 percent of all COVID-19 cases, while those between the ages of 30 to 79 make up nearly 90 percent. Scientists aren’t sure why, but they think the answers may help us defeat COVID-19.

Things are likely just getting started with coronavirus and while there is reason to expect many more people will be infected and die from the virus, compared to previous pandemics, it looks slightly less frightening. More than 5,000 people have died as of the time this article was published—a terrible toll, to be sure. But it pales in comparison to the 1957 H2N2 flu, which killed 1.1 million people (0.04 percent of the global population at the time), or the 1918 Spanish flu (responsible for the death of 50 million people), or the black death, which killed 75 million people (almost 17 percent of the global population at the time).

According to an article from the Coronavirus Study Group (CSG) of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, COVID-19 is a variant of the coronavirus that caused the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002-2003. As a result, its official name is severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2. It’s also a relative of the coronavirus Middle East respiratory syndrome, also known as MERS, which surfaced in the Middle East beginning in 2012.

Remember this is all theory.

Bill Gates has an agenda and it involves you, a novel coronavirus, and vaccines. Gates is a globalist who has made several of his agendas public. One of the global objectives of the Gates family is to force worldwide vaccination mandates on humanity. This page is a profile of everything that Bill Gates is involved in as related to his globalist ties and agenda to vaccinate the world because of globalism.

Here you will find his crimes against humanity and plots to kill many; even to microchip the planet’s population through vaccination programs. Everything will be written in a short form with references throughout; all listed in chronological order.

Quick Links:

Gates Family Background

Gates’ parents, Bill Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell Gates were actually the “leaders of Planned Parenthood”. Mary Maxwell Gates also went on to serve on the board of IBM, using her close relationship with John Opel to secure young Bill Gates a contract creating the first operating system on IBM’s line of computers.

Something most people don’t realize: IBM is a company with a nefarious past. They created the system that Hitler and the Nazis used to track, hunt down, socially expel, ghettoize, imprison, and eventually genocide Jews in Axis Germany. In fact, the president of IBM at the time, Thomas J. Watson was shown “with crystal clarity” to have personally had a hand in “micro-management” of “the company’s co-planning and co-organizing of Hitler’s campaign to destroy the Jews.”


-Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have been connected via a plan to mandate vaccinations globally since 2010. So does Bill Gates want to force you to get vaccines? There are a lot of reasons he might be interested in making you get your shots.


-The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) began to push experimental vaccines in third-world nations with the help of the World Health Organization (WHO) and 13 big pharma companies.

From the National Institute of Health:

“The BMGF, government aid agencies, WHO, and 13 drug companies pledged nearly US$ 800 million and an increased drug supply toward a new push to wipe out 10 tropical diseases by 2020. The diseases, from leprosy to river blindness, affect 1.4 billion people worldwide. The companies have agreed even to open up their compound libraries – potential drug treatments that have gone through some tests – to the public-private partnership Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi).”
(Wall Street Journal, 30 Jan 2012)


-The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated $1.8 billion to the “Global Polio Eradication Initiative”, a third of the total funds needed.

“During his visit to Ghana in March 2013, Mr. Bill Gates reinforced his belief that the world must commit to wiping out the remaining cases of polio and finally eradicate the disease”


BMGF was sued by Indian officials over-vaccination trials that crippled thousands of women. They claimed that the Gates Foundation was injecting improperly tested Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations into young Indian women.

Interestingly, Facebook fact-checkers all wrote about this claiming it was Polio and it never happened. If you try to go to the original link it has been removed from the site. But a simple search on found the original post.

-BMGF has issued up to $20,470,038 in grants to Microchips Biotech, Inc. for RFID-enabled birth control microchips.

With the support of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the form of approximately $17.9 million in grant funding to date and the potential for up to an additional $2.5 million in grant funding in 2020, Microchips has been developing an implantable long-acting, reversible contraceptive application of the technology.


-Gates has called for a New World Order as a response to potential pandemics. This article is also gone; scrubbed from history… But you can’t erase the internet, Mr. Gates.


-Gates becomes the second biggest financial contributor to the World Health Organization; securing his ability to influence healthcare worldwide.

-BMGF connected program CEPI makes the news:

CEPI—the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations— (pronounced “seppy”) is a globally funded vaccination-development program.

From The Atlantic:
[CEPI] “devoted to readying pandemic defenses during peacetime. With $460 million from the Wellcome Trust, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the governments of Germany, Japan, and Norway, it will fund the development of vaccines against the likely pandemics of the future, testing them as far as possible, and stockpiling millions of doses. When outbreaks happen, the vaccines will be immediately ready for field testing and mass-manufacture.


Bill Gates was connected to Jeffrey Epstein, the now-dead pedophile kingpin. They met on many occasions. Gates claims he regrets their relationship. Remember when Gates’ house was raided for child porn?


-The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation actually ran a pandemic simulation called “Event 201”. It revolved around an imaginary coronavirus pandemic in October of 2019. Event 201 predicted over 65 million deaths worldwide. The COVID-19 outbreak began just weeks later.

-In a 2019 Netflix original film, multi-billionaire Bill Gates predicted a lethal virus could come from China’s wet markets to aggressively spread it to the world

In what now appears to be an interesting coincidence, the Microsoft tycoon signaled in an episode of the Netflix Original ‘Explained’ series that the world was ill-prepared to handle a global pandemic.

In the series, Mr. Gates just happened to warn of the possibility that a virus could originate in one of China’s wet markets – precisely like “experts” in the establishment media claim was the origin of COVID-19. ‘All the while, their viruses are blending and altering, enhancing the probabilities that a person discovers its way to people,’ the docudrama goes on to discuss.

In the same episode, Mr. Gates additionally warned that the world was ill-prepared to handle the ramifications of the viral spread of disease when treatments were frequently years away…

He stated if people do nothing to improve our capabilities to handle pandemics the time would come when the globe would certainly reflect on this and wish they had invested in vaccinations.

‘If you think of anything that could come along that would kill millions of people, a pandemic is our greatest risk,’ he claimed.

-BMGF financed the development of “invisible ink” to tattoo people with vaccines. The ink can only be seen in a special light and is otherwise invisible to the naked eye.


-BMGF funds 7 companies that are developing COVID-19 vaccines.

-Mr. Gates calls for a National Coronavirus Tracking System during the Reddit AMA session. Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have both been calling for a “digital passport” to track who has been vaccinated or developed immunity to COVID-19.

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  1. To be honest, I doubt if those are theories. They are facts! They are what have made news on Corona. They are what people are speaking and they are what corona is. This is a good article. I never knew that the word corona existed before the virus. You have taught you. Michael, you are very good at research. Thank you for the well detailed article.

    • Hi Micheal,

      Thank you for your comments. There are things that we just do not want to believe. I left the decision up to the readers, and let them decide for themselves, like you did. I keep on telling myself no human is capable of doing such things.

      Best wishes and stay healthy,


  2. Most of us are worried about coronavirus but we don’t have the real idea of what is the corona, where it came from, how it was discovered and when, but going through this article I have learned a lot more about corona which I didn’t know and also I think this is not just theory, there are some actual facts too. I am glad you did this the research and gave us this wonderful write-up.

    • Hi Jeff, 

      Thank you for your comments. Coronaviruses have been around since the 1930s. A lot of diseases like influenza, and the flu have killed billions of people, and they continue to do so. COVID-19 is under the umbrella of coronaviruses, as they are all respiratory diseases. I really do not know what to believe, that is why I asked for your opinion on the subject. There are a lot of government conspiracies that are still unexplained. The bombing 9/11, President Kennedy’s assassination and so on. I really do not want to believe in the worst-case scenario, but it kind of is.

      Best wishes and stay healthy,


  3. The longer we are all going through this Coronavirus thing the more and more conspiracy theories that will follow. While it’s been fairly easy to see where the virus came from and how it has spread worldwide. I think the conspiracies will start coming in more when the government tries to keep things closed for longer. Once things are under control and the numbers dropping. Does the government open things up then? How long can they keep things closed before people have had enough?

    What happens when the numbers are going down and one infected person starts spreading this thing again? How do we go about getting things back open? If this virus spreads as easily as they say it could be nearly impossible to open things up again until it’s totally gone.  

    It’s tough to think about. 


    • Hi Rob,

      Thank you for your comments. They are right on point. Sometimes I wonder about President Kennedy’s assassination and even 9/11. Opening things up again, I doubt if that will happen soon. World War 2, England went into bankruptcy, I think a lot of powerful countries are heading that way. Except for China, they already own 45% of New York City. In South Korea I heard about one person who had COVID-19 infecting over 100 people, what did those 100 people do infect another 100 people, and so on. This is like a case of germ warfare. Pretty scary.

      Best wishes and stay healthy,


  4. the effect of covid 19 on the world today has sent fear and panic to man kind as a whole and this is because of the easy mode of transmission.

    i would like to confirm something though, the black death pandemic took lots of lives and i read that it was during this period that the discovery of penicillin came. was it 17 percent of the world that died? i read another article saying that it was 50 percent at that time.

    • Hi Smoochi,

      Thank you for your comments. I do have a post on my site called historical pandemics and epidemics. Penicillin was discovered around 1928 but was not widely used until after World War 2 (1945). 

      6. The Black Death: 1346-1353

      COVID-19 certainly has put the world into a crisis.

      Best wishes,


  5. This is an awesome article on the corona conspiracy theory. in all my readings online about corona virus, i have not seen one as explicit and detailed as your article. the article has opened up my eyes to see ways that this virus can be contained. i would really like to share this article with some of my friends

    • Hi Perryline,

      Thank you for your comments. I would certainly appreciate you sharing this post with your friends, as I would like to hear their opinions on the  corona conspiracy theory. As you know, soon as the businesses start opening up there is more likely to be a second wave of COVID-19, worse than the first. Hopefully there will be a vaccine available at that time.

      Best wishes, stay healthy and safe,


      • Hi Perryline,

        Thank you for your comments. I would certainly appreciate you sharing this post with your friends, as I would like to hear their opinions on the corona conspiracy theory. As you know, soon as the businesses start opening up there is more likely to be the second wave of COVID-19, worse than the first. Hopefully, there will be a vaccine available at that time.

        Best wishes, stay healthy and safe,


  6. Wow! this is a great and highly informative insight on the Pandemic that has held the World to hostage for some weeks now. It is astonishing how Bill & Melinda Gates bought their way into the Pharmaceutical and second biggest financial Contributors to the World Health Organization. From your review, this isn’t conspiracy theory anymore but conspiracy facts. Thank for taking out time to reseach and have this posted.

    • Hi Kingsking,

      Thank you for your comments. We actually have been held hostage since December 2019. Mr. Bill Gates scares me. We know how he controlled every computer that had the windows system. You had to buy his operating system or you would not have a PC. The way all these theories are falling together and making more sense is very suspicious and does raise a red flag.

      Best wishes,


  7. I have a question concerning the naming in the media of ‘coronavirus’ and later ‘COVID-19’. It seems that the initial name of coronavirus was not a coincidence, in that many cases can be attributed to corona-virus since it is a broader definition and can potentially include other illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia.  It would seem there is an agenda to pump up the figures with a false diagnosis of ‘COVID-19’.  It seems that once the public had been scammed into believing in a pandemic based on the so-called ‘corona-virus’, then they changed the name to ‘covid-19’, with its narrower definition, in order to show how countries are managing the pandemic.  the media uses ‘Coronavirus’ when it wants the pandemic to look bad, and then ”COVID-19″ to make it look like something is being done about it.  What do you think of this theory?

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thank you for your comments. Coronaviruses have been around for a long time. It is like an umbrella for many other diseases like influenza, flu, and other respiratory illnesses. COVID-19 was a new form of coronavirus. The media can certainly play games with releases of new information. Personally, I think the number of COVID-19 cases is much larger than what has been stated by the media. I also feel that certain governments do control the media. What I found most scary is the theory about Mr. Bill Gates, and his work with “The Who” to develop a vaccine, along with microchipping human beings. These are all theories, but the pieces are fitting together like a nasty jigsaw puzzle.

      Best wishes,


  8. Very good in-depth article!  As a matter of fact, it is the best article I have read so far.  Those are theories for now but as time pass we will see others coming along.  I saw these comments before about this book “The Eyes Of The Darkness”.  It makes your think…This book came out in 2018.  There is another one that my mom has but it is in French.  It is called “La Fin Des Temps” by Sylvia Browne; that one came out in 2012, it also describes the situation we are in right now.  It makes you think even more!

    • Hi Carole,

      Thank you for your comments. Even though the book “Eyes of Darkness” was fictional the way it reflects the coronavirus does cast a bit of suspicion. I was interested in the way Mr. Bill Gates has been working along with “The Who” to develop vaccines, and the idea of microchips been injected. “The One World Order”, seems closer than we think.

      Best wishes,



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