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Scam False claims

A fraudulent scheme is performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt to obtain money or something else of value. Scams traditionally resided in confidence tricks, where an individual would misrepresent themselves as someone with skill or authority, i.e. a doctor, lawyer, or investor. After the internet became widely used, new forms of scams emerged such as lottery scams, scam baiting, email spoofing, phishing, or requests for help. These are considered to be email fraud. Also see phishing, scheme.

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  • Submitted: Wed, June 26, 2019
  • Updated: Thu, June 27, 2019
  • Reported By: Michael — Newmarket Ontario Canada
  • Brendan Mace. United States

I purchased the “Aurora Pro Program”, on June 10/2019. The price initially started at $16.67. Being a resident of Canada after the monetary conversion it cost me 22.69 Canadian dollars, still not a bad deal for all the claims it made.

I spent a day going through the tutorials and realized, the only way this program would work is if I purchased the Pro version of this system.

This cost me an additional 89.59 Canadian dollars. I am now up to a total of 112.28. I am on a fixed income as I am disabled physically.

I am desperate to make this program work. I go over the videos again, pen and paper in hand taking down notes as I listen. An excellent presentation on how to make this program work, and earn up to 1,000.00 dollars a day by, Mr. Jono Armstrong. I commend you, sir.

There are trace amounts I have to still invest in this program. Instagram, Bitley, Pinterest, Incognito, and other programs. After several attempts, I found out there is another upgrade to make this program easier to work with. Cost 197.00 plus dollars. Wow, this started at $16.67. Wait there is another upgrade more money, more money.

After two weeks of working on, “Aurora Pro”, I decided to contact the seller, Mr. Paul Prissick. In establishing contact with Mr. Prissick, I was sent a reference to contact Mr. Brendan Mace. The genius behind the program. I have been trying to contact this gentleman for the past three days. Eventually turned out to be weeks.

My access to Mr. Paul Prissick does not go through anymore. Microsoft is unable to make contact, and I get returned e-mails. Even more amazing is Mr. Prissick is trying to sell me another program.

Yes, I could unsubscribe from his e-mails, but until I choose the specific time I wish to keep this gentleman in my loop.


Someone else’s review:

The frustration and the lack of communication led me to do more investigating into  the Aurora Pro Program

Is it a scam…NO.

Feedback from people who have tried this Aurora Program… Generally Negative.

Name: Aurora Website URL:

Owners: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong

Launched in: May 2019 Price: $16.97 + up-sells.

Recommended? No

Mr. Mace, this was the most favorable review I could find for your, Aurora Pro Program.


Further Communication with Mr. Mace

Michael Mortimer Mon 2019-06-24 1:38 AM

Dear Sir,

I purchased your Aurora Program for a total of 112.28 Canadian dollars on June 10/2019. For weeks I have listened to Mr. Armstrong, taking down notes and doing my best to make this program work for me.

I am writing to you in the hopes of you considering a complete refund of the money I have spent. Mr. Mace, if I did not try my best, I would choke down my losses, and chart it down as a bad experience and a lesson learned the hard way.

The only way for this program to work is if I continue to purchase your up-sells. I do not have the money to do so. I do own my own website, but it does not makeup to 1,000.00 dollars a day, not even close.

I am hoping you will stick to your 30-day refund policy, Mr. Mace.

To make sure it was not just me having problems with your program, I started to research your program. Further to this, I posted an article on my site in order to get some feedback.

The replies I got were numerous and can be made available to you or anyone else. I do save my messages on a USB stick, and a separate folder on my computer.

There were articles about you using the profits you make, to feed children in Indonesia. I found that very noble of you. If I was not in the financial state I am in, I would gladly be a part of this charity. I may not choose the same country though.

I am writing this letter to you with respect. I hope you will respect me in the same way, and provide me with a full refund.

Thank you,


What would this program really cost the average person?

Looking at the prices you have listed the total cost to make this program work would be $585.97 and then, I have to look at the conversion to Canadian dollars.

It is at this point that I decided to exercise my right to the 30-day money-back guarantee.
Perhaps the program is not a “Scam” but the money-back guarantee does border on being a false sense of security, at this point, I am within my legal rights to call it a false claim.

For the past week, I have been sending numerous letters to Mr. Mace and Warrior Plus, but all of them have been ignored. I apologize Warrior Plus did reply to me.


More Communication: Michael Mortimer Wed 2019-06-26 3:20 AM

Hi Mr. Mace,

How are you today Sir? Hope all is well.

Alright, to the matter at hand. Your claim is to offer a refund to any of your customers who purchased a product from you that did not stand up to its claim. I am finding out the hard way this is not, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Being in this business for the time you have, I really did not expect the problems in resolving this situation.

By the way, how does this salesman, Mr. Paul Prissick fit in? My gosh, he is still trying to sell me more stuff.

Yes, I could click on the unsubscribe button, and, “Pooff” he would be gone. I think I will keep him around for a bit though.


Comments from my followers:

I’ve seen the name Brendan Mace in several low-quality programs. I’d say beware of him. Sorry to hear that happened. I’m glad you rebounded and you have restored confidence in the training.


Since you’re not getting any response when asking for your refund, I’d go to Warrior Plus support.

Let them know that you’ve requested a refund within the money-back guarantee time frame and it’s due to the product not producing the results claimed. Also, tell them that you are not getting any response back and that you’d like their help since the program is sold through their platform.

Another follower with a suggestion. Unfortunately not very effective. That’s OK. Oh, by the way, I just saw another program of yours.

Personal comment:

I loved the picture of you selling cookies for one cent. Yes, you were holding the banner while the lady with the cookies was sitting down in the background. I wonder what the upsells would be to get one cookie. I am sure the cost of the banner was really one cent.


I bought a product for review and it was HORRIBLE and didn’t live up to its claims. When I contacted the owner (like Warrior Plus recommended), he didn’t respond to me. I went from there and went to PayPal and reported unethical activity.

Paypal ended up reversing the transaction. So if it doesn’t work out contacting Warrior Plus, is another option.


Yes, that was another one of your products. I do not want to bore you with too much writing. I am sure you are busy building other programs.


I’ve had lots of complaints about Brendan Mace and, Jono Armstrong on my site, yes about the never-ending spiral of up-sells but also about how rude they are to people.

Someone asked for a refund and Brendan said that since some of the money goes to charity work in Indonesia (I don’t know how true this is) by asking for a refund they are ‘taking food out of poor children’s mouths’.

Very rude and obnoxious.



It’s me again:

Mr. Armstrong’s tutorials were very insightful. I listened to him a few times over in fact. Though he was doing a splendid job. Anyway, I think that is plenty said for today.

Chances are you probably will not even read anything I wrote. Mr. Mace, I am just hoping this can be resolved soon, and these conversations remain between you and me.

If I need to continue asking politely and do not get any results, it would be a shame.


June 26/2019

Just read an article about the Komodo dragons.

It never ceases to amaze me the greed of some people. There are no winners when greed is put into play. Only victims and people can live without a conscience.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

The World Animal Foundation estimated that there were only 6,000 wild Komodo’s left in 2019. After closure, the government will attempt to grow the endangered Komodo dragon population. There’s no news about when tourists will be allowed to return.

Komodo Island, famed for its Komodo dragon population, is closing its doors to tourists in January 2020.

The Indonesian island’s resident dragons are under threat of abduction. A dragon smuggling ring was recently busted for trying to sell 41 dragons for $35,000 each.

I am just wondering if the so-called Internet gurus are becoming an endangered species. Well, let’s hope so.

Mr. Mace, I hope at least you will make the effort to reply to my e-mails. This way I may be able to proceed accordingly.

Thank you,

Michael Mortimer

Sir, yes that is you, Mr. Mace.

Reading over my article I have noticed several redundancies. For this, I apologize. I hope you can deal with the repetition.

Most people join these programs because of the false promises made through what I call the bait low cost they see at first. My gosh, who would not want to spend, let us say twenty dollars to be guaranteed an income of a thousand dollars a month?

Step inside follow the instructions, spend time watching the tutorial videos, and take down notes not wanting to miss out on anything said.

This is the Aurora Pro Program:

The initial cost was to introduce you to the program. Then the costly options as you can clearly see.

Embarking on the Northern Lights Voyage, yes you are going on a trip for sure.

Filling the “Treasure Sack”. Stop for a moment here and ask yourself whose treasure sack. By the way was it not the “Pirates”, who coined that phrase?

Option #2 Cost 197.00 Convert to Canadian at today’s exchange rate  285.65

By the way, after you buy the bait there are three different options. Are they free? NO!!!

This is the way the program is set:

Aurora system sales page

The real cost

Just like other WarriorPlus products, Aurora comes with up-sells that cost hundreds of dollars.

After buying the front-end offer for $16.97 (as of this review), before getting access to the member’s area, you will be hit with these upgrades:

Aurora system sales funnel
  • Upgrade #1 – Pro version ($67). This up-sell includes unlimited videos, and unlimited Pinterest accounts and also gives you the chance to add Instagram, so you can reach more people from your target audience.
  • Upgrade #2 – Done-for-you auto webinars ($197). With this one, you get 5 webinars with your affiliate links, so you have more affiliate offers to make money from.
  • Upgrade #3 – Limitless traffic ($197). This one is about getting your pixel on their sales pages to drive more traffic to your affiliate offers.
  • Upgrade #4 – License rights ($97). This up-sell gives you the right to sell Aurora as your own product and make 100% commissions.

I personally don’t like the fact that this system is being advertised as something that can make you money for only $16.97 since these up-sells are necessary to earn the kind of money they show you on the sales page.

Is this classified as a fraud? The answer is: NO!  Thanks to a team of lawyers you as a customer pay for

Is this very deceptive: Yes

The most immoral part of this program is the 30-day money-back guarantee.

I do own my own website mainly dealing with health issues, and making a better life for yourself through proper nutrition, diet, and dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress. Yoga. meditation the uses of essential oils, benefits of certain herbal teas, herbs, and spices. The best fruits you can eat to avoid certain health issues.

Water, what is best for you, the hazards of artificial sweeteners, and several beneficial aspects to a better, healthier lifestyle.

The price to visit my site and extract information that may be beneficial to you is free.

Yes, I do have to have sales pages for products you may want to purchase at discounted prices and there are no up-sells. Vitamins, supplements, yoga equipment, and whatever you may want to promote your health.

My greatest reward was building a site where I feel I may be able to help some. Visit me and say hi.

I also do promote a program called “The Wealthy Affiliate”. I am very proud to be a part of it. It is also free to try.

For me, this was not a get-rich program. It provides me with all the tools I need to accomplish the things I set myself to do. I have close to 12K followers, they are my friends. In times of need, they are there to support me and help me out. The support is 24/7.

OK, I will just leave you a link if you decide. I will also leave you a link to my site. Please feel free to comment, and perhaps offer me some suggestions on how I may be able to make things better.

Last of all please spend the time to research the programs you may want to join.

I thank you for reading my post and I wish you all a safe and healthy life.

My site if you so choose to visit is:

I can only wish you would check out this program.

The Wealthy Affiliate Link.

Making money online. Supplementing your income. Websites and training provided.

To the readers who may read this. Please know, that I am only seeking what has been guaranteed to me and anyone else who makes a choice that the “Aurora Pro Program” may be for them. Then later on deciding, it has a very slim chance to work. Unless you are willing to purchase the up-sells.

You decide to act on the promised 30-day guarantee, but all of a sudden you are either denied or have a hard time communicating with the seller and have to go through all of this nonsense. Do not give up. Pursue what has been guaranteed to you.

There are a lot of avenues available to you. Be determined.

I wish you all success in whatever enterprise you choose to follow.

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  1. Hi there! I’m just curious if you ever got a refund from Paul or Brendan and if so how did you do it? I have not had any replies to my requests unfortunately! Thank you for your help! All my best!

    • Hi Annie,
      Sorry, you are going through the process of getting a refund from Brendan Mace. This guy is known to be quite controversial. There was a 30-day refund policy for Aurora Pro Program
      which I bought into. Stories were made up to make me feel guilty about robbing starving children in Indonesia, by asking for a refund. I did get a full refund of my money on the 28th or the 29th
      day. You may need to go to your bank and file a fraud claim. The money-back refund, if you are not satisfied, is guaranteed. That is all you have to concentrate on. Do not give up. You may keep in contact with me anytime.
      Best wishes,


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