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Hi, my name is Michael

About me Michael

I am an “A Red Seal Class A”, automotive, and light truck technician. Currently living in Ontario Canada. Unfortunately, I am unable to work in the trade I love. I will always be passionate about a trade that has been a part of my life for over thirty years. It still is.

About Me. My Story:

A work accident left me disabled, and unable to work in a trade, I love.

I look back in time and a song by singer, Cher comes to mind. “If I Could Turn Back Time”.

We have an obligation to ourselves to maintain a healthy standard in every aspect of our lives. The things surrounding us, our loved ones, the vehicle(s) we drive, and so on.

My accident mainly happened due to a lack of maintenance on my equipment. My thought process was if it is working well leave it alone.

An improperly maintained hoist, caused a car to fall on me. It was not the hoist’s fault. It was totally mine. I was working with an apprentice showing him the precautions he should take in setting a car up so it could be safely lifted up on a hoist. I even remember telling him, if anything was to go wrong his priority was to get out of the way.

Well, things did go wrong, one of the four legs supporting the vehicle somehow did not lock up and started to travel. The car started to tip and rock. I got my apprentice out of there and thought I could take the place of that hoist arm until reinforcements came. The car fell part of it causing damage to my spine.

During the months of feeling sorry for myself, I turned to alcohol. I started to see a psychiatrist not by choice but by Court order. There was no drinking in the hospital, but there were a lot of drugs. It was popping pills, therapy, and sleep.

I was released from the hospital after a couple of months with a bag full of pills. For a person who used alcohol at the rate I did, getting all these pills may not have been the smartest choice, as I got to find out later.

Today,  January 08/2021 I am a sober recovering alcoholic for eleven years and fifteen days, by the grace of God. I owe so many people who reached out to me, offering me another chance. Thought all my chances were used up.

I began to take care of my best friend and deprive my worst enemy, myself. I started exercising and became aware of nutrition and its importance. Joining positive groups, the most recent, “The Wealthy Affiliate Community”. I live one day at a time and I do not even take a second of my life for granted.

Empower Your Life Styles


I gain more from giving, from helping in whatever way I can, than from receiving. It feels good. I want to give back the generosity offered to me by the people who involved themselves and invested in my well-being.


My goal here is to make an investment in you. Through a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally. I would like to offer you some alternatives. I want you to live long and prosper. Hopefully, I can be a GPS, a road map, or a compass. If ever you feel lost or you are in pain I want to be there for you. If I see you taking anything or anyone for granted, I would like to be there and perhaps I may be able to change your mind. Depressed, feeling anxious, or stressed allow me to show you how you can get out of those negative emotions.

Building A Website:

This was my biggest problem. I did not have a clue about how to build a website. Yes, I read books, downloaded tutorials even watched YouTube videos. I even bought what they called a pre-made site. It did not work out for me and I did lose some money.

I came across, “The Wealthy Affiliate” through searching topics on how to build a website. I had been on several before but here was a place I could try out for free, with a significant amount of tools, lessons, and videos. My gosh, I could even host a free site.

I decided to give them a try, nothing to lose. It was free to try, how awesome is that? To my amazement, I was greeted by the owner, Kyle, and the co-owner Carson. That same day I was welcomed by other members offering me help if I ever ran into any trouble or had any questions.

I followed the lessons and found out every Friday there was more help through a brilliant person called Jay. Different ways of getting traffic, how to make your web page more attractive all the things necessary to establish a solid foundation.

Today, January 08/2021, I have a network of 2.2 k friends/followers in my network. Joining this program was the best investment I made in myself. I am also the proud owner of a website called: https://www.empoweryourlifestyles.com. I have the opportunity to build 24 other free websites through my membership with, “The Wealthy Affiliate”, free plugins, and free themes, and some great friends. The training to be successful in the online business world is amazing.

I am not here to sell you anything, but if you are interested in the online opportunity to succeed I can guarantee this is the best way to start your journey.

Thank you for visiting.

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