My Yoga Affiliate Posts

My Yoga Affiliate Posts

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Yoga has become an increasing way of life for many people. It is a great form of exercise that promotes almost every muscle in your body. This promotes your flexibility and the oxygen flowing to your different muscle groups.

It has been to help with arthritis, back pain, sleep disorders, mental and physical ailments. Having the right equipment and wearing the right clothing not only makes you comfortable in your practices but eventually yoga will become a part of your life.

Yoga along and meditation dates back centuries. Within the past eight years it has become a part of treating certain physical and mental medical, within the profession. The popularity of videos, the amazing outfits and the equipment you should incorporate into this practice has gained significant popularity.

Improper way’s of doing yoga can bring negative effects to mind and body. Hence proper equipment and accessories are necessary to do tough poses in a comfortable manner. Here, we have listed out the important yoga equipment and accessories for studios and learners.


  • A yoga mat: this needs to be stretchy, comfortable but also reasonably sticky so you don’t slip while stretching (if you sweat more, opt for an open cell yoga mat);
  • A yoga mat bag: for carrying your mat around without it losing shape;
  • A water flask (you will get thirsty during your workouts and it’s essential to stay hydrated), ideal for keeping your supply of fresh water or even lemon water on hand;
  • A yoga towel: no matter the type of yoga you practice or how peaceful it looks from afar, yoga is still a workout and I can promise you will sweat, especially if you sign up for hot yoga;
  • A yoga strap: this is a piece of equipment you will use for wrapping yourself up tightly in order to deepen the effect of some of the stretches, or you will use it as a prop for certain exercises in order to make them a bit more challenging and so on.

Extras to consider:

  • A yoga DVD: if you’re not attending classes on the regular (though, as a beginner, you definitely should do that), a DVD can help you practice yoga at home instead of missing sessions because you can’t make it to class;
  • A yoga blanket: it’s not mandatory but it will help you relax better towards the end of your training sessions;
  • A yoga brick or yoga block: especially useful for home practice but not only, a good block can help yogis better position themselv
  • es during asanas, and also provides better comfort and relaxation during the less challenging parts of your yoga workout.

This is what you will need to be equipped for yoga classes:

  • A pair of yoga pants (these need to be tight but comfortable, to allow you to push the limits of your flexibility further) – I like Gap and Lotus Leggings, as far as brands go;
  • yoga tank top (and, depending on your bust size if you’re a lady, also a sturdy sports bra): I like Gaiam tops and Yoga Rebel bras;
  • A pair of comfy sneakers that you should only keep for indoor use and that should have really light and flexible soles: I like Allbirds wool sneakers for their ideal balance of warmth and airiness.

If you just started out doing yoga and don’t want to go broke buying everything you need at once, I suggest you wear some other comfortable shoes or sneakers for a while. You don’t absolutely need specialized yoga sneakers, but you do need special clothing for yogis, so you should make that your priority if you need to choose.

Giam Link

As we all know if we want to achieve the best results we should use the best equipment to make our goals a little bit easier and with less effort to be the best we can be. Please visit, GAIAM. Thank you, be safe and enjoy healthy lifestyles.


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